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hello, the pack looks awesome, does it work in top down? because I only see a side view animation.

Thank you 

Hi! Thank You!

Yes, the sprites was made for sidescroller games.

Thank you for your reply, do you have something that works for top down similar to this assets because it really fits into my game theme.

thank you 

For this theme I have nothing. I'm sorry!

The pack is great! could you include a tile set with all the animations of the characters in the zip?

Hi NordikStudio, Thanks!

I thought the devs preferred the separate sprites, I thought it would be easier to handle when putting together the animations. But I will update the pack as soon as possible.

how to increase without loss of quality?

It depends on the engine you are using. You need to change the settings when importing the sprite.

Awesome! Do you have any props or tilesets that would go with this?

Thank You!

For now i have only the characters. Sorry...