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Hi RGS_Dev ! Hope you don’t mind, i’ve done some programmer art to add a “wall grab” animation. (Seen here on X)


No problem my  friend!

Is the CC-0 license what you intended here? CC-0 would mean any anyone could purchase this asset, and distribute it for free, perfectly legally.

Just wanted to make sure you were thinking of the consequences!

Thank you for your observation. I already fixed it.

Hey! I made a game using some of the sprites I bought from you :)
Into the dark

Here's the reaper's sprite on the game's cover :D


Hi Mitchell, thank you for your purchase!

Very cool game and nice cover too.

Success with your game, buddy!

Do these work for RPG Maker MV?

Sorry, this is not compatible with RPG Maker. It's just a separate png files.

Can you make a grey alien one?

Hi! I put your suggestion on the character list. Thank You!