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Great work but the spritesheet included is a bit messy, could be more separated, not just everything in one, rest is nice

Thank You, Frost!

I'll try to improve it.

It looks good:) Glad I don't have to animate them all my self ahah.

Thank you! :)

@ RGS DEV, I try buying this asset yesterday but had issues paying. Now that i can go ahead to buy, the price has changed to $2. Is there any chance the 50% off will be given again.

Hi @oluwathanks!

I updated the discounts. Let me know if you have any problems.

Just purchased. Thanks. Looking forward to purchasing more of your assets.

Thank You for your purchase! :)

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thank you for this assets is just i needed! I will use on my metroidvania :3 (Nice work!)

Glad you liked it!

Success with your game! It looks very good!

Hello! Thank you for creating these sprites! I used them in a small game I made! I hope you can give it a shot!


Very cool! Really enjoyed! Success with your game!

Nice one,can i use it in my game that will be commercial,i will put credits and end of game your name and link to itchio.

Hi @iamymoon!

Yes, you can use it in your commercial project!

Hello @rgs_dev !

I just published a multiplication game for kids, The Castle of Multiplications, for iOS and Android.

I have used some of these traps for the castle, also I have used other characters and tileset of yours.
Here is in Youtube:

Very cool! I loved it!

It is very gratifying to see my assets being used in your game. Thank you.

Success with your game!

Thank you 

Hello can i use this in commercial game,and yes i will put credits to you with link to itchio in description and end of game...

Yes, you can! :)

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So good !  I should have first searched for traps before  instead of trying to make them on my own.    

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.