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may i know which engine you use to make the game? can you add it in the download?

This was made with Godot.

It's even better if you have a ps source file

I made this asset using Blender Grease Pencil.

Oh, sorry hahaha

I really like 2d animation, where should I start? Do you have any recommended study materials

I learn from YouTube videos, but I don't have any specific channel to recommend.


Thank you very much

Hi, if your looking for a pixel art tutorial on YouTube, I would definitely recommend Reece Geofrey. He also has a udemy course on pixel art as well 😊


Thank you! I'll update soon.


Thank you! :)

THank you very much

You're welcome!

I need a version of a stick figure typing on the keyboard of computer and a version with a white hat smoking a cigar in the mouth. Can you add these variants? Cheers

Also, can you include the RED or Blue enemies firing a machine gun and throwing a grenade (including the white version original) and crouching, reloading (I would buy the art pack of this)

Hi! Thank you for the feedback!


Nice !

Thank you!




Thank you!