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Good morning!

Do you do commission work by any chance?


I'm closed for commissions. Sorry...

is it possible to add the zombie hands to the character creator tool please?

Hi! I'll talk to the programmer, but if I'm not mistaken the zombie hands are already there.

I have the latest version (V7) but not seeing it. 

also when im trying to edit just the legs, im seeing the color of the upper body change as well, making it very difficult to style. is this a know issue

I will talk to the programmer about this bug. You can also report this bug there on the tool page. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Raphael, 

Can I request some additional pixel packs? also, I'm making a zombie survivor pixel game, are you will to make edits and create more zombies? please let me know asap so we can discuss payment.

Hi! Really enjoy your work. :) I just wish all of these series (soldiers, villagers, zombies, etc) were exported to the same cropped size (due to dead animation the widths are 18 not 16 btw) instead of taking up all that wasted space in a 64x64 image. I'm having to do a fair amount of editing to get the optimized sprite strips created. lol.. :P


I use this pattern because some animations, like the attack, take up more space than usual. And from the tests I did in the game engines, it's easier to center sprites that have the same size than those that have different sizes.

Deleted 270 days ago

I ended up creating a batch process that automatically cropped the sprites I needed to 18x22. Thx!

Excellent! And thanks for your purchase. :)