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Oooh! You made this as well! I love this little guy. Here's a link to a game I made using him. It's a showcase for a level generator engine I built. I hope you like it!

Oh cool! Hope you have success with your game, and thanks for using my assets. :)

You're welcome. And thanks as well.

may i use ur art for my commercial game?


Yes, you can! :)

make mario in this art style

I don't think Nintendo would like that very much. :)

amm i really liked this character is there any other characters like this ? i really want to use in my game

Sorry, this is the only character I did in that style. Now I'm focusing on pixel art.

kk thx :)

can i use it for commercial use for a game i will sell ??? and I will credit you

Hi eggz! Yes, you can use it! And let me know when you release your game!