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Alot of it's great.  But wtf did you do to some of the stuff? like fence 2 is unusable because you can't get it in a sensible size and rotation in your world, and alot of stuff isn't centered? like how hard is it to make the transform 0 0 0, now I hawe to change them all manually so I can see where I am placing my prefab when I place it. Other than that Great assets! wery usefull so thanks alot !


Thanks for your feedback!

Sorry for the inconvenience...

No it's fine, sorry if I come off as wery harsh or rude. The asset pack still helps alot so good work.


Great assets!Thank you!


Thank You!

Deleted 189 days ago

Thank You!

nice will try to use them in some project to prototype

You can share your game progress here if you like! :)

hello, are you taking commissions? I've purchased the military and zombie packs but was hoping if you can make some edits?

Hello, griotdonation! Thank you for your purchase.

Unfortunately I'm closed for commissions, sorry... :(

Nice, but I am working on Low-Poly Mars terrain...