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Fantastic! Thank you.

Thank You! :)

oh my god, that's beautiful! Are there any more planned arts with this style?

Hi! Thank You!

Yes, but i don't know when i can do more.

awesome !!!!!!!!!

Thank You! :)

Hey man, wanted to say thank you for the awesome art

I published a sample to the AssetStore with the character!  -

Send me a dm so I could send you a free copy! Cheers


I'm glad the characters were useful for you! That really saves a lot of time in the production of a multiplayer game. Congratulations!

Thank you brother! what's your email? I will send it there


Sent you an email [=

How did you get your animations to look so smooth in the gif? I am using a sample rate of 12 in the unity animation and it doesn't look as smooth as yours?


It's just that the animations were done inside Unity, so it automatically creates transition frames between keyframes, making the animations smoother. But when they are exported to png it only exports the keyframes.

Do you have a tutorial on how to do this? I've tried to google but it only shows how to make animations the same way I am doing it now.

I made this way.

Will you add more guns? I am working on a game using your assets but the number of guns is too low

Can you please please add more?

Yes, I have plans to add more weapons and character variations in the future.

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TYSM! Please reply to this when you will do it :D

Really cool!


Thanks am really happy for this pack


Hi! I'm glad you liked. Enjoy it! :)



I used your assets to make a game, thanks!!

I credited you

here the link of the game


Hi. Thank You for use my assets and credit me!

The game is very good. Congratulations!


Thank you so much!! 

I'm glad you like the game!


your assets are really cool, will you add new sprites in future?


Hi, Thank You!

Yes, I intend to create more assets in this style as soon as I have some time.


thanks for the reply, I will wait to see the next updates!!

Hi. These characters are exactly what I need for a game I'm working on. They're simple, vector and have all the animations I want, plus there's a bunch of pre animated parts to mix and match to make dozens of characters, so they're perfect! Well, almost... The images are all white, and recoloring them would be pretty tedious and sloppy since they're not actually in a vector format. The engine I'm using allows me to change the hue of the images however, so all the sprites in just one color would work just fine, though multiple colors would be great as well. Could you please add an update with the colored sprites? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, Thank Your for your feedback.

I thought it would be easier to use the sprites without colors, but I can add colored versions as well. As soon as I have some time I will do it.

Alright then, thanks, I'll be looking forward to it.

Hey, RGS_Dev, about what I said last time, about one color being okay? I just realized that changing the hue of the sprites wouldn't really work, cuz since they'd already be joined together, all the parts of the sprites would be the same color, so It'd be best if you Included multiple colors for the parts, even if it's just a few. Thanks.

Alright. I'll do this as soon as possible.

Pixel art boa


This type of asset in this art style is definitely what I need. I really would like you to expand on this by adding larger bosses and some new type of enemies in the vein of androids, cyberpunkish. Kind Regards!

Thank you for your feedback!

I was thinking about making more characters, like monsters, robots, animals, but keeping this style.

More in this style! thanks!