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The demo version includes only some tiles.

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Hey! Could you add a couple features? One for setting the colors in the color picker to the default ones used in the current tile, and maybe a way to save/load color sets? Maybe I'm missing something and its already possible? Good tool either way, and its made in Unity, so its possible to just mod this stuff in manually

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I changed Manager.Randomize to apply all the colors from the originalColorsList

this makes the custom color list update with the originals like i wanted


Thank for your purchase!

Glad you were able to do what you wanted. Hope the tool is useful to you!

It's a lot of fun even without knowing what I'll be using it for haha. Only ever worked with 2d stuff, saw the sale and figured why not, now have an interest in isometric. Very cool <3

Very nice to hear that!

I also had a lot of fun trying out blocks with different colors.

I think I could create such a tool for 2d tiles, but I keep thinking about how to do that.

that could be cool, all i can think is that the color replacement would fit nicely, maybe have some preset shapes and sizes, or start small enough that they could be scaled up

for the rest im clueless haha. good luck though! 

Hi, I just bought this app some days ago and it cannot run on my mac. Seems it didnot support x64 platform. Can I got a refund or some other resources? Or could you fix that issue?


I tested the mac version on a virtual machine because i dont have a mac, and its worked. But if you have any problems and want to got a refund, you can absolutely.

It shows this. Before that the folder named x86 and macOS 10.15 only support x64. Sorry about that. How could I get a refund, I don't know what to do.

You can contact support to request a refund. But here it says that the amount has already been returned to you.

Honestly, this app was a nice pleasant surprise.

There's not much beyond making isometric 2D sprites, but does the job pretty well, app doesnt crash and is easy to use.

I wasnt expecting a lot, but seems good enough to make placeholder art for my games.


Thank you very much for your purchase and your feedback!

I hope you enjoy it! :)

It's come with a map editor for testing the tiles?

No, only tiles. Sorry...