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Thank You!


Thank You!!

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Thank You! :)

love this!

Thank You! :)


This is awesome!! I hope you plan on making more animations for this character! i want to make something similar to Zelda link to the past and i am going to use this guy you created. im in the process of making the map now. It would be awesome to see environment interactions like a two frame digging animation or a two frame grabbing animation. Stuff like that will add even more depth.

I appreciate you for making this, I will keep you updated on the progress.


Hi! Thank You. I'm glad you liked it! :) 

For now I've taken a break from creating, but I plan to go back and create more top down assets.

Feel free to share your game's link in the comments if you like.

Success with your game!


OK and thank you for creating this for the community we appreciate you.

I used this for my uni project, it looks so amazing and cute! Loved it!

Thank you very much!

Feel free to share your york here, if you want!

University Final Project 1 by Vasco Almeida ( Here's the link.
Sorry I didn't credit you yet, I've just been overwhelmed with all the uni stuff!

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Don't worry!

hey, i played your game i have to say when enemies get killed you must set them velocity to 0.And we must not move them.(i know this game made 2 years ago)


Yeah, there are a lot of issues xD
Since making it I have learned a lot, maybe I will go back to it one day, who knows.
Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

Thank you man, i was planning to make a 2D game but I don't know how to draw characters, you saved me

You're welcome! :)

I really like the style of this ^-^ Looks great!

Just asking if you're doing commissions for characters in this style and if you're planning on doing more characters based on this template :3

(also using a few other of your assets. Keep up the great work)

Thank you!!

I'm closed for commissions, sorry...

And yes, i planning to do more characters in this style and more animations too.

Hey! Love the sprite sheet, great work! I used it recently in a Game Jam entry: (WOWIE 3.0). I have put links to your page in the game description, and the starting screen of the game. Hope this counts as Credit.


Thank you for use my asset and credit me!!

This hero is awesome! Great job.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked! :)


Look good. wish you had more in this style with multiple directions


Thank you!

I have plans to do more characters based on this template.


Thanks. I would love to buy them.

Very cool.

Two minor things: the sword doesn't move on the forward and back walking animations. The side roll looks like it's missing a frame maybe? That could just be me though.

Keep it up!

Thank you!

Yes, the sword only moves on the side walk animations.

The roll animation have 4 frames for each side. It's exactly like in gif examples.


Thank you! :)

It's looking really good, imo, it's just missing a "hurt" animation.

Thank you!

I think the damage effect would be better if it was done within the game engine, with a knockback or flash effect. But thanks for the feedback, I will try to create a decent animation for the damage and add it if I like the result.