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This project really does look like what i need apart from its platformer only ie left /right view. I would be happy to purchase it if it also had up/down. Pity

I want to improve the tool with 4 directions sprites in future, but need a lot of more work.

Are there any predefined sprites that come with the tool (like the cat/dog/ghost/duck/etc) ?
I was hoping to build on top of those but it seems we need to recreate it all?

Hi, adhemar1!

There are no predefined sprites in the tool, you will have to create them from scratch. Sorry.

Hi! It's crucial that the animations are laid out in a horizontal sprite sheet. That way, I can easily create animations with them in Unity. Right now I need to make the sprites then put them in sprite sheet.

Exporting animations to a spritesheet would save a ton of manual labor!

Hi! Thank you for your purchange!

I agree with you. It's always good to give varied options, because each developer likes to work in a different way.

I will try to implement this feature in the next updates.

Meanwhile, you can use ImageMagic program together with a .bat code to create a spritesheet with just 1 click.

Code from the .bat file I use to create spritesheets:


@echo off

set IM_PATH="C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-7.1.1-Q16-HDRI\magick.exe"



%IM_PATH% montage %INPUT_FOLDER%\*.png -geometry 64x64 -background transparent -filter Catrom %OUTPUT_FILE%

echo Conversion completed.



1. Change "YOUR_SOURCE_FOLDER_HERE" with the folder path containing the separate sprites.

2. Change "YOUR_DESTINATION_FOLDER_HERE" with the folder path where the generated spritesheet will be saved.

3. Save the text file with a .bat extension.

I hope this helps you out for now, and thanks for your feedback!

Are you planning to add a hero character in future update?
(male and female)


Not in this tool, because I already have a human character generator in partnership with 1up Indie2:

But I have plans to create a new version of the human character generator in the future, with a different character design and better animations.

My question is whether I do it in pixel art or vector art. I would like to know which of these two options developers prefer when creating their games.

I would appreciate it if you and others could leave your comments here so I have a sense of which way to go.

Sorry for the late reply, I prefer the vector style, but it's my opinion, I also like pixels, I think that based on the type of game devs will create, they set a certain style!
In any case I will wait the new character generator =)

Thank You very much for your feedback!

You're welcome!

is 64px the only export option or am I missing a setting?

For now this is the only option, but i can enable other resolutions in future updates.

If you or anyone else has suggestions for commonly used resolutions, just post them here in this comment.

I usually use 16 pixels and I thought that would be the most used, so I did it in that resolution.


this is so neat, I’d like a up down left right version

Thank You! :)

It needs a lot more work to draw each part. Maybe in a future update.

But I'll make a note of it. Thanks for the feedback!