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Great job. Thank you for sharing!

Thank You! :)

learning how to texture, wasn't able to change a lot of these in unreal. do I need to do anything special?
Thank you againg or this set

This asset aren't UV mapped, it has only materials. I don't know if is possible to do it in Unreal Engine.

This looks amazing, great job!

Might use this on a game of mine. Thanks for releasing it under the CC0 License.

Donated an amount that I could, keep up the good work :)

Hi! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the support, it helps me a lot!

Hey there,

Just letting you know, I decided to add an environment made from these assets in my game: Rue.

The next time I make a build, I’ll make sure to add you in the credits.


Oh, very cool!

Hope you have success with your game!

really cool tho lol

Thank You! :)