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The assets don't import into unreal, multiple root bones. Any chance of having the weapons and arms separated into separate assets?  

Hi troyellisnz!

I posted a youtube video to guide with this problem in an older comment on this page. I hope it can help you, because i can't fix this for now. Sorry.

Damn unfortunately I'm not very good in blender, but I shall see what I can do.

Hi @RGS_Dev,

Is there a license for this asset pack?


Feel free to use this asset any way you want!

Credit is not needed.

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I do love this asset. The reload animation should be some different when the magazine was empty or not. Would this asset get more update in the future?

Hello! Thanks!

I have no intention to updating this asset. I'm more focused on 2D now...


Got it. Thanks your reply.

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Hi Livio-cmd!

I tested animations in Blender and all is working perfectly!

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Hi, thanks for your answer. But Arms_M416_Assault_Rifle.fbx file doesn't have animations...Indeed, all other files are animated !

These animations are also working normally for me. Within Blender, in the animations timeline, the animations have a duration of 2 frames. Try switching to 150 frames and see if it works. Maybe I exported it with only 2 frames when uploading it to Itch.  Please, tell me if it worked.

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Nope, there are only 2 frames even if I download it once again.

Thank you for being so quick in your answers !

Edit: I found something, every file except arms_grenade and arms_knife are animated with only 2 frames.

In Unity, all animations are working normally. I have not tested in other engines.

Can this be used in 3rd person view and not in 1st person?

For the guns, yes. But you need a character because this asset have only the arms.

I think the animations will won't work well, because you'll need to animate character separated from the arms.

Ok thanks

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I came from your video on youtube this one:

you show a sniper rifle here but here you didnt mention it is it in the pack or not i want to buy it but need sniper rifle too.Thank you in advance


Yes, the AWM Sniper are included too. I updated the description.

Thank you! :)

I bought the package today but AWM Sniper doesnt have prefab with scripts like other weapons just assets.Are you planning to add prefab of the AWM Sniper too.

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Thank you very much for your support!

Unity project updated!

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can u do a sale for a short period where it is for free cause i would get it

No. Sorry... :(

I want to replace your knife by another knife, Please guide me. Thank you!

hello hieuld, thanks for your purchase! 

Did you manage to replace the 3D model?

  • I am new to UE4, unfortunately, when I imported FBX into UE4, the model of the hands did not have bones and I could not use them  
    Do you have any solutions to help me? Thank you  

Hi Anonymous_jk. Thank Your for your purchase!

Unfortunately I don't have much experience with the EU to be able to help you. I remember testing the models on UE a long time ago, but I don't remember how I did it.

This was the best video I found about it on Youtube:

Hope this can help you. Then tell me if you managed to resolve this.

Ahhhhhhhhhh man I really wanted those models and animation and stuff, basically the whole fps pack without the unity project but I can't have it cause I can't pay 1$ because first it's a lot for me as an Indian and secondly I don't pay for assets and stuff. #SAD_LIFE_OF_AN_INDIE_GAME_DEVELOPER

No problem, my friend! :)

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Hello, I don't have the animation  in the pack without unity project. please help my.

Hello! Thank you for your purchase.

The animations are in the fbx files. If you open them in Blender you will see that they work normally.

Maybe it's some configuration that needs to be done depending on the game engine you're using.

You can try importing into Blender and exporting in another format, or look on Youtube how to configure FBX file animations in the game engine you are using.

I only work with Unity for 3D games so unfortunately I won't be able to help you with that, sorry.

hey could you release the blender files?

Hey @CrypticDevYT!

Unfortunately I no longer have the .blend files for this project, but you can import the .fbx files without any problems.

This pack would be really nice if it wasn't bundled with a Unity project. Could you offer it with just the files themselves?

Hi @Duroxxigar!

You can find the fbx files inside Meshes folder and use it in any game engine. I haven't tested it on other engines, but I think you just need to make some adjustments to work.

Oh yeah - I know where I can find them. But I'm saying that it would be more ideal to offer just the files themselves. That would be a much smaller download than downloading an entire Unity project for people who don't use Unity :)

Updated! Thank You for the feedback! :) 

I have a problem I cannot use it in unreal because unreal need a single root for bone and this have 2 (the two sides shoulder). You can update adding a version with single root bones? Or you can help me to do by mi self?

Hi Mikadin Games! Thank you very much for your purchase and sorry for late reply.

I did a search and found this tutorial that can help you:

Unfortunately I can't do tests in Unreal, so if you have any problems let me know.