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A Pack containing 4 animated mages characters with 8 different attacks in total (2 for each one).

Character size is 16x16 pixels made in a 64x64 canvas.


  • Idle on ground
  • Idle on air
  • Fly
  • Walk
  • Ground Attack
  • Air Attack
  • Taking Damage
  • Dead

You can use and modify this asset to fit your needs, for commercial and non commercial games, but please, don't resell or redistribute this asset, even modified.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, 2D, Character Customization, Fantasy, Medieval, Pixel Art, Retro, Sprites, Wizards


Get this asset pack and 28 more for $19.90 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$1.30 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.30 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Mages Character Pack by RgsDev.zip 93 kB


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Hello, your work is perfect, congratulations!!! There could be other forms of payment, Pay Pal is out of the question, and credit card is not always available, perhaps a PIX would help 100%.

Hi! Are you from Brazil?

I accept PIX, but i'll need to send the files for you by email.

Yes, I'm from Brazil, and you can send me the files by email.

How do I contact you another way?

Manda um email pra mim: rgsdev83@gmail.com

Hi RGS Dev, I recently made a game with your asset pack, here it is: https://psychoraccon04.itch.io/wizarding

I would like to contact you to discuss about copyrights and if we can make a profit with my game (in development).

Hope you like it! 


Hi Victor!

Yes, you can definitely monetize your game!



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I love the style and animation, simple and clean, lovely work, keep it up! :D

Thank You, Víctor! :)

i can use this as long as i give you credits in my game?

Yes, you can! :)

Do you plan to release a version 2. like skeletons and orcs?

Hi, gameflorez! Do you mean magical skeletons and magical orcs?

They are not in my plans for now, but I can launch them in the future. It's noted. Thanks for the sugestion.



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Amazing work

Thank you very much! :)


Any chance you can separate the staff/hand from the mage as an optional download? I would like to just have the mage without the weapon if possible.

Hi @1StepCloser, thank you for your purchase!

The files have been updated with the separate staff.




Great pack! Do you plan on offering a bundle with most/all of your sprites included? Wouldn't have to be a super-cheap price (as your assets are resonably priced already anyway in my opinion), but might give people an incentive to buy all of them at once in a neat bundle. :)

Hi @tobybear, Thank You!

Yes, i plan to release a bundle in the future, but first i need to do more stuff, like other characters, monsters, tilesets, props and visual effects.


I'm really liking this pack! Do the magic fx come with the pack as well?

Hi @LVGames! I'm really glad you liked it!

 Yes, everything you see in the gifs is included in the spritesheet, even the visual effects.

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Awesome I just purchase the pack! Great Work. Are you going to add more visual effects in the future? A spell pack would be nice for upgrading there powers.

Thank you very much for your purchase!

I'm currently working on more character variations. But in the future I can update the ones that have already been created and add more content.


Okay keep it up, I will follow your work!

Thank You!


Haaaaa me gustó el diseño cuando termine lo voy a comprar en 3 días para ordenar el proyecto me gustó me encantó esta chido sigue así ❤️👌❤️

Hola @Amayita416! ¡Me alegra que haya disfrutado! ¡Gracias!