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Hello, your work is perfect, congratulations!!! There could be other forms of payment, Pay Pal is out of the question, and credit card is not always available, perhaps a PIX would help 100%.

Hi! Are you from Brazil?

I accept PIX, but i'll need to send the files for you by email.

Yes, I'm from Brazil, and you can send me the files by email.

How do I contact you another way?

Manda um email pra mim:

Hi RGS Dev, I recently made a game with your asset pack, here it is:

I would like to contact you to discuss about copyrights and if we can make a profit with my game (in development).

Hope you like it! 


Hi Victor!

Yes, you can definitely monetize your game!



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I love the style and animation, simple and clean, lovely work, keep it up! :D

Thank You, Víctor! :)

i can use this as long as i give you credits in my game?

Yes, you can! :)

Do you plan to release a version 2. like skeletons and orcs?

Hi, gameflorez! Do you mean magical skeletons and magical orcs?

They are not in my plans for now, but I can launch them in the future. It's noted. Thanks for the sugestion.



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Amazing work

Thank you very much! :)


Any chance you can separate the staff/hand from the mage as an optional download? I would like to just have the mage without the weapon if possible.

Hi @1StepCloser, thank you for your purchase!

The files have been updated with the separate staff.




Great pack! Do you plan on offering a bundle with most/all of your sprites included? Wouldn't have to be a super-cheap price (as your assets are resonably priced already anyway in my opinion), but might give people an incentive to buy all of them at once in a neat bundle. :)

Hi @tobybear, Thank You!

Yes, i plan to release a bundle in the future, but first i need to do more stuff, like other characters, monsters, tilesets, props and visual effects.


I'm really liking this pack! Do the magic fx come with the pack as well?

Hi @LVGames! I'm really glad you liked it!

 Yes, everything you see in the gifs is included in the spritesheet, even the visual effects.

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Awesome I just purchase the pack! Great Work. Are you going to add more visual effects in the future? A spell pack would be nice for upgrading there powers.

Thank you very much for your purchase!

I'm currently working on more character variations. But in the future I can update the ones that have already been created and add more content.


Okay keep it up, I will follow your work!

Thank You!


Haaaaa me gustó el diseño cuando termine lo voy a comprar en 3 días para ordenar el proyecto me gustó me encantó esta chido sigue así ❤️👌❤️

Hola @Amayita416! ¡Me alegra que haya disfrutado! ¡Gracias!