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A Pack containing animated villagers NPCs characters with 2 animations and 12 skins.

Character size is 16x16 pixels made in a 64x64 canvas.


  • 1 King
  • 1 Queen
  • 1 Princess
  • 9 villagers (5 males, 4 females)


  • Idle
  • Walk/Run

You can use and modify this asset to fit your needs, for commercial and non commercial games, but please, don't resell or redistribute this asset, even modified.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Role Playing
Tags16-bit, 2D, Character Customization, Fantasy, Medieval, Pixel Art, Retro, Sprites


Get this asset pack and 41 more for $49.00 USD
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Buy Now$1.30 USD or more

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Villagers NPC Character Pack by RgsDev.zip 27 kB


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I used princess and 4 more women characters in my game - https://playrea-official.itch.io/tiny-fighter

So glad I found your profile here in itch. Your character pack was much cheaper vs in gamedevmarket. Nice pixel work :)

Hi joshuuu!

Thank you very much for your purchase! I hope you enjoy! :)



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It's a great piece of work, I love it :D !
but I think it can appeal to many and much-more-developers if additional files are provided in the form of separate frames.

I would like to use this asset for this project but it's being delayed for the reasons described above. 
Once again, I express my admiration for this great work, thank you, sir!

Hello @aiddruid!

I'm glad you liked it.

This is one of the first ones I did, but the last characters I did and the ones I'm doing now are all coming with separate sprites.

Deleted 1 year ago

I love these characters, I have bought these and some more of yours and I have used them in a game.
I have used them as a reward when you advance in the game or overcome challenges.
For now it is only on iOS, for iPhone and iPad:
Coming soon for Android.

Hi @YellowDakar! Thank you very much!

I'm glad you like my assets!

Waiting for the Android version to be able to test! :)


Hello @RGS_Dev, the Android version is out now, but it doesn't have high scores, sorry:


I tested and really liked the idea of the game. Very cool!!

I hope you are very successful with your game!

And thank you very much for the credits! :)

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I like the pack and hope to see you do more...but why would you save it as a black background if they have black outlines?

EDIT: my fault, you saved them as no background? and my image viewer IrfanView opted to make everything black background.

Hi @Nyctimus. Thank You very much! I'm working on more characters.

All the spritesheets are png files with transparent background.  If you having any trouble, please let me know.

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Bought all your packs so far! Thank you for these wonderfully made, yet simple lookings sprites. You have inspired me to start a "Serious" platformer project. Thanks again! And cant wait to see more!

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Hi! Thank Youn Again! :)

And i can't wait to see your game!